Hello, nice to meet you…

I always find it hard to introduce myself in writing, it is just so much easier to shake hands and introduce yourself in person, but hey, let’s give this a go.
I am what people call a busy bee. I’m an entrepreneur, Business Owner, Photographer and the title which I am most proud of is Mama to Jaydie.
Ever since Jaydie came into my life, running my companies is mainly left in the hands of others, because LET’S FACE IT, working from home with a little one running around does not go that smooth as you think it will.
Since Jaydie came into my life I am basically thinking about starting up blog writing again. I always loved writing even long before internet. I must have like 100+ journals hidden somewhere and I used to have my own blog when the whole internet thingy started.
But yeah it took me 2 years to finally start again. The first year I hardly had any time for myself due to newborn Jaydie and the second year sadly my dad got sick and passed away. So a lot has happenend and I feel like I need to catch up with things before I can write in the present time. But let’s just start and see how it goes.
There are so many things I discover every day in this journey called parenthood and I can’t wait to share them with you. Just like I read a load of blogs and looked at a lot of instagram accounts for inspiration and help this last 2 years (AND STILL, cause SERIOUSLY babies need to come with a manual) I would love to help someone else in return with sharing tips, DIY and other things I discovered so far being a mommy…





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